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Experts in Local Government Planning & Operations

Throughout North Carolina, counties and cities turn to Solutions for Local Government for assistance with improving operations and processes. We excel in all areas of local government planning. Contact us today for more information.

Firm Information

Solutions for Local Government, Inc. is a duly registered Subchapter S Corporation based in Charlotte, NC. Articles of Incorporation were certified and filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State on March 22, 2002. The firm's IRS assigned Employer Identification Number is: 81-0546253 

The firm was established to provide management level planning, support, and consulting services specifically to and for local government entities, i.e. county and municipal governments. Our range of services has typically fallen under the major headings of planning, operations, training, and facilitation.

While "planning" is a major focus of the services we provide, it has been our understanding of local government "operations" that has contributed most significantly to our success to date. Subsequently, our space needs assessment and planning skills and capabilities have been considerably enhanced over the years by our extensive experience working hand-in-hand with many types of departments in many day-to-day operational and service-driven settings.

Of the local government projects identified in  our Master Project List, all have included our being charged with addressing at least two or more, and in some cases all, of the following tasks:

  • Staffing Analyses
  • Capital Planning
  • Service Consolidation
  • Process Improvement
  • Facility Location Analyses
  • Personnel & Service Deployment
  • Work Flow & Efficiency Studies
  • Space Needs
  • Performance Assessments
  • Operational Cost Analyses

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Focused on Local Governments

Our focus, expertise, and considerable experience is in local government itself and the many and varied responsibilities and service activities that it represents. This is evidenced by our project experience:

  • We have a strong background in space and capital planning.
  • We have a significant understanding of the dynamics and workings of local government.
  • We are familiar with the functions of the individual departments and agencies included.
  • We have a strong background in process and performance assessment.
  • We are committed to thoroughness in every project that we are asked to undertake.

Clients have repeatedly commented that our hands-on approach and quality of work has provided them with a level of confidence in both our work and our ability to "deliver." As a result, they have been willing, repeatedly, to offer us additional and new opportunities. Achieving this level of credibility and trust is very significant and is, in fact, the foundation upon which the firm was formed. Thus, the firm's mantra: "Your solution, not someone else's answer".

About Us

Solutions for Local Government offers essential planning services, building and space assessments, and operational evaluations that are often necessary to improve the process and efficiencies of local government. Since 2002, we have worked under the leadership of our president, Stephen J. (Steve) Allan. He is dedicated to being available to his clients and maintaining a high level of interaction throughout every project undertaken. These professional relationships are beneficial to everyone within the jurisdiction of the government entity in which we are working.

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