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Local Government Services

As a local government consulting firm, we are committed to improving the efficiency and enhancing the effectiveness of local government entities. Our principal local government services are divided into four categories: planning, operations, training, and facilitation.


Understanding where it is you need to go begins with a clear understanding of where you are, what is working, what isn't working, and why. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of good planning is not only inexpensive; it is the most important money you will spend on any project you undertake. Planning offers the greatest opportunity for the effective anticipation, coordination, and wise use of public funds. In addition, it is an opportunity to receive and benefit from user and community input. As demand for local government services increase, planning is more important than ever. Our planning services include:

  • Needs Assessment Studies
  • Facility Development Options
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Scope & Work Planning
  • Capital Projects Mater Planning

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Everyone from Confucius to this week's management guru "du jour" has been given (or have taken) credit for the often-heard organizational definition of insanity; i.e., "doing what you have always done, the same way you have always done it, and expecting different results." While the point is well taken, let's put it in a context familiar to (and all too often experienced by) local government managers today: "doing more this year than you did last year, doing it with fewer resources than you had last year, and doing it better—for more people." Our operations services include:

  • Consolidation
  • Operations Audits
  • Workflow & Process Mapping
  • Staffing Analyses
  • Problem Solving


Public administrators today have accepted the fact that education is a lifelong process and that the local government entities they manage must plan to provide training on a nearly non-stop basis throughout an employee's career. Specific skills are expected and assumed as prerequisites prior to hiring a professional manager, accountant, engineer, or paramedic for example. In other instances, employees may be hired and then trained in the specific requirements of their jobs. However, the impact of societal change, growth, diversity, technology, and budget constraints can interfere with these individuals' ability to perform as originally trained. Adults today must continue to learn and re-learn. As illustrated time and again, adults learn best when they are motivated, when they are actively involved in the learning experience, and when they can immediately apply what they have learned to their own experience and responsibilities. Our training services include:

  • Managing Change
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Doing More with Less


The age of participation and involvement in matters of local government is upon us. To get the most from those involved, be they citizen or employee, effective public managers today must know how to create buy-in, encourage active participation, and be comfortable in allowing others to take responsibility. Because managers know the objectives that must be accomplished and the parameters within which they must occur, they must also by nature focus on the content of the participatory effort being undertaken. It is the facilitator that must focus on the process. The dynamics of a diverse group of individuals who are interested in an issue's outcome (even if outcome expectations differ initially) can create very positive and dynamic results when given the opportunity to participate in the process. However, this is only true if the person directing the process keeps them focused, ensures equal and fair participation, and is able to do so without bias toward that outcome. Our facilitation services include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Management Retreats
  • Team Building
  • Mission Statements
  • Focus Groups